Monday, April 16, 2007

Back from another Break

Hello there...I just came back from another break (Movie Review will be tommorow) BUT in taking this break I found a way to Update this thing AND if you want me to, act like a real Jerk Face! (To some people, but to Evil Ninja-Smurfs, I would say that would be fine...THEY TOOK MY MUFFINS, THERFORE THEY ARE TEH EVILS!)
Now, I just need to say a few things before I get into some of my DF Stuffles and Random Stuffles...

Teeth Bands hurt like Hell.

I mean, you can't even eat anything without them going all 'Hey, since he is eating something, we are going to make his life more miserable by making his Teeth Hurt!' and I am all like 'OMG My Teeth Hurt so Badly, but I need to eat to LIVE, so therfore I must go through the Horrible Pain' and then they are all like 'Lol that was very fun...LET US DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTILL WE COME OFF!' and I am all like 'NOOOOOOO!'

...Holy Muffins, I sounded like a Blogger back there...*shivers*

Well, back to another DragonFable MOMENT OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

On April Second, many many people became ChickenCowLords (Including Me...ChickenCows are awesome) BUT then the DF Team gave more info on the DragonLords and then I was all like 'OMG I MUST BECOMES ONE!' and they are all like 'No you can't you have to wait awhile to do so' and I am like 'NOOOOOOO!'

...Holy Muffins, there I go again...I don't know about you, but I may have Blogging Fever...I need MEDICATION!


boomies said...

act like a real Jerk Face!
what is about to happen??

teeth bands??you mean braces??

MistyQ said...

Are you gonna post more on your blog? I hope so.