Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Chinese Tall Story Review #2

Well, I have delayed this enough, it is time for an actual review (but I wont say how Wicked Freakin' Awesome it is untill the end of it)

It First starts out when Tripitaka (I dont know if I got his name right) and his Three Disciples (Monkey, Piggy, and if you read the book 'Monkey' by Ch'Eng-En Wu, you would know the Third Disciple is Sandy) in the end of their Journey to get the Scrolls/Sutras from Buddha and become Immortals. But before they stay One night in the town that they are in, they are ambushed by some Evil guy that commands an Army of Bug Demons. Wukong (The Monkey King) then fights a large portion of his Army, then sending Tripitaka away somewhere with Wukongs Sea-Needle that Calms Waves (aka Monkeys Golden Staff) Tripitaka lands in an Imp Village where he is guarded by Meiyen (I cant remember all these names perfectly, so if I get them wrong, bear with me) and is released by her also. They travel to find Wukong, leading them to The Southern Gate of Heaven, another Imp Village (where Tripitaka dresses like Spiderman to learn Fake Web Magic as a trick of the other Imps), a town that is under attack by the Bug Demons (and Tripitaka is aided by an Advanced Humanoid Race from Outer Space) and eventualy ending up in The Jade Palace (in Heaven) where Tripitaka Rejoins his disciples - At the cost of undergoing another 81 calamities (the book calls it Calamities, Tripitaka calls it events) to get the Scrolls/Sutras.

I think it is like a missing part to the book 'Monkey' by Ch'Eng-En Wu. It would also be great to make a movie of the events in the book 'Monkey' instead of a movie based on 'Monkey'. That would also be Wicked Freakin' Awesome.

I give the book 'Monkey' a 5/5 star rating, and the Movie a 5/5 star rating. (I think you know the reason. But if you dont, I will say it again: Because they are Wicked Freakin' Awesome.)

Now, if you know where to Buy/Rent/Watch at friends house, then I suggest you should watch it. How I found out about it was on the DragonFable Design Notes, and it is what got me hooked on Death Note and A Chinese Tall Story. If you see something that is reccomended in the DragonFable Design Notes, then it must be good. (It has been proven alot of times. The recent Reccomendation is the Deltora series)

So...random movies of the Moment are...

Okay...three in one day...from now on, if I have videos I want to share instead of making it the Video of the Moment, I will post them.

Thats all for now, see you next time with a DragonFable Guide for Levels 1-10.

~Brenton Zera Storm, Alchementalist, LoreMaster

(insert subject here)

Just to get this off of my chest, do not click this if you value your sanity:

Happy New Years Eve everyone! I hope that 2007 will bring at least 1 person to comment on my blog, and 2007 will be one of the best years for DragonFable. If you havent gotten your Giftboxes, now is the time to do so. They will go rare tommorow, and will be the First Rares of 2007.

On another note, apparently, cheese is not a planet yet, so my socks will now implode into cotton candy. Everyone should take cover in the nearest Library and equip themselves with Wooden Bananas to fend off The Most Annoying Thing on The Planet. (randomness ends here)

Now that I got all that off my chest, its *almost* time for the DoomStorm Chronicles to come into my DragonFable (and stuff) Blog.

Oh, and before I forget, the DoomStorm Chroinicles will start to be posted One Chapter a month untill I can make chapters faster. If I cant, then I will just post comic parts as I make them. Be ready, alot of people say 2007 will be one of the Best Years Evah. (I will be waiting in line for Epic Movie when it is 3 days untill it opens)

I hope everyone has a happy New Years, and I hope that there are people who have questions/comments/random stuff in the comments, because Nneox is handling all of them.

Now, where did I put my Guide-creating tools...

~Brenton Zera Storm, Alchementalist, LoreMaster

Friday, December 29, 2006

My Evil Twin

If you see a post that has the name under it say Nneox Zypher, then that is either me on too much Suger and Soda, or the Evil Person inside of me wants to say something...sometimes, he talks in Red Text. I just want to post this so everyone who reads this knows that incase of a misunderstanding. (if you want to talk to him, he is the one who answers the comments and E-mails. I just write in the blog (unless he takes over it which is every Monday because I think Mondays are Ebil. Just like socks))

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Chinese Tall Story Review #1.5 - With Extra DF (and plans for the future)

The first review had me say how Wicked Freakin' Awesome it is. But now for a clip of it to prove it:

DragonFable is undergoing a change that will make 2007 the best year ever to start playing - Or continue for those people that quit. Because Artix Entertainment will release new content to make the game better, and it will actually called a game instead of a New-born Final Fantasy Ripoff Mini-Game. We do not know what these changes are, but we have been getting sneak peaks in the DragonFable Design Notes at and they have been great. If anyone is playing DragonFable and is liking PvP, my ID is 207644 for my character, Brenton Zera Storm, Mage, Level 29. DragonFable is having an event right now called Frostvale, the DragonFable Christmas (like Mogloween is Halloween, and Snugglefest is Valentines Day) that is usually taken over by some evil guy and we have to stop him from taking over the world blah blah blah, but there is a twist: Unlike other games, you and the other players have a limited amount of days to beat his or her army, then beat him/kill him otherwise bad things will happen to the course of the game - So the players shape the game as they play it. Also, if you do win, you get Magical Items of Doom that you can only get from that event - And every year they change the Items so you never get the same thing twice, and you can brag to people that you have something that no one can get because they cant get it anymore because it is RARE! (rare means unobtainable unless you travel back in time) Im still making a Guide for Levels 1-5, then a Guide for Levels 6-10, then a Guide for 11+, then a Guide of Random Tibits. The guides will be updated whenever I can. The DoomStorm Chornicles comics will start Next Month (I have up to Chapter 8 made, so Im well prepared. One chapter a month will do, so I have time to make new chapters...when I get to a point where I can make chapters really fast, then I will put it in earlier then One a Month.) But this is not all a DF blog - I will also find random tibits on the internet for random things.

Well, thats all I have for now!

~Brenton Zera Storm, LoreMaster

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Chinese Tall Story Review

'Allo everybody! Sorry I havent been posting awhile, but that is because I have a comic to make about DF and I will be posting it here when each chapter is finished. Then every month, the first post will have all the comics I have so far so no-one will miss a thing. Now, its time for Movie of the (insert period of time here)! The movie that I reccomend is 'A Chinese Tall Story'. If you cant find it/rent it/know a friend who has one, then check online and special order it because the spoken language is in Chinese but it has English Subtitles. Dont worry, the Menu is easy to navigate because there is an English Translation for every word that is chinese in the start menu. If I had to sum it up, I would say: It is Wicked Freakin' Awesome. A Chinese Tall Story is based on the book 'Monkey' which is about the Monkey King (a Monkey who learns Magic and becomes Immortal) but the movie starts off where The Priest Who's Name Escapse Me Right Now gains his Three Disciples (Monkey, Piggy, and Sandy) and it is during the festival before they set off to find the scrolls (following a Wicked Freakin' Awesome battle with a Being of Darkness) So, I give it 5/5 star rating for WFAness.

So, thats it for today, see you next (insert period of time here)!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

DragonFable Overview #1

So, I will tell you abit about DragonFable ( Once you make an Account and Verify your E-Mail, then you should create a Character (otherwise, how would you play the game?) Choose from one of the 3 classes (Warrior, Mage, Rogue with more classes you can get in-game) then customize it any way you want. After creating it (and exploring around, DONT DO QUESTS YET!) Go to Ash Dragonblade (the first human you see right next to the inn) Then choose Oaklore, then choose The Beginning, and the rest is up to you (But I will give the occasional hints and tips here) In DragonFable, you can Participate in Wars, Go on the most Random Quests Ever (Like, complete the 100-Room Dungeon to get a Pair of Wings to put on your character, or Beat the Dragon then Chop off its head for reasons unkown) battle in AI PvP (Just like PvP...Except that the Opponent is being controlled by the computer) and more coming soon! After you get used to doing stuff in DragonFable, for PvP go to the Aeris Battlespire, where you can participate in Tournaments and win Trophies, and turn in those trophies for Prizes (and the Duelist Class) If you buy the Dragon Amulet (A one time Purchase to play the game for a Lifetime - A good Deal. I reccomend the Six Pack) you can get exclusive stuff In-game for DA-Only people. You can also get DA-Only Weapons, Items, Classes, and stuff like that.

Here is a Movie About DragonFable (aka The First Movie of the Moment EVAH!): (it is the Pilot for the DragonFable mini shows that they are going to make)

Next time on DragonFable Overview: Some Tips, Hints, and a Guide for Levels 11+

~Brenton Zera Storm, Alchementalist, Lore Keeper

First Post, Welcome, and Information

'Allo Everybody! I am known as Brenton Zera Storm, and this is my New Blog that I have.
Im still toying with stuff, but soon this Blog will have coverage on the Web RPG DragonFable, a YouTube video of the Moment, A Random Topic for the Day (Week/Month/Year?) and other stuff that I can find around the Internet. Well, I will see you in the next post!

~Brenton Zera Storm