Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wanna know why I was gone? CHECK IN HERE!

But first, one of the most embarrasing songs I have evah heard of: *starts to sing*

Open your mind, and open your heart...
This song of love is about to start!

This holiday colors just about everything pink;
from flowers to chocolate and perfumes that stink.

I hope that your love forever lasts;
and more so that this song ends fast.

Your love is an event that will eternally transpire;
Even if they were bitten and turned to a Vampire.

Word of love are powerful and deep;
This bear suit is hot and puts me to sleep.

To save you they would slay a dread lich;
Um, can you help me reach this itch?

You are adorable with an amazing mind;
Hmmm, I think this bear suit is making me blind.

Your love is destined for greatness ahead;
I just want to go home and go back to bed.

May you get diamonds be so big that they strike you blind;
Big Daddy's prices are still the best you can find.

I am happy for the love you two have found;
I just wish I was not contractually bound.

Truth and love are causes worthy of being fought;
Good thing these SnuggleGrams are easily bought.

These words are true straight from them through me;
Ok, lets hurry... I gotta go pee.

I hope you found this SnuggleGram warm and funny....
Cause' it costed some poor sap all their money!

And that was the SnuggleGram Song from DragonFable...There can be any tune for it, and one day I will embarras the heck out of my self by putting up a YouTube video of Me singing it (While wearing a funny costume) So, that will be one of the projects i will be working on.

Now, for the reason why I have not updated in awhile: I WAS ON A BREAK! Some peolpe need breaks in their lives, to catch up on the local Muffin War, or to try and escape the Evil Ninja-Smurfs that tear your limbs off when you sleep, or to try and cath up on the comic, or inventing some new types of food that only yourself will eat, in the history of the world. Or you could just hang out in your local YMCA and start a Weirdness Talent Show, with the Improv Stylings of the DSC Crew (Our name so far, we make Comics and Improv Acts! DSC stands for DoomStorm Chronicles...I know, it is the same name as my comic, but the DSC Team should get to be known on the Internets and YouTube...once I figure out how to upload videos. If anyone knows how, then you shall be spared when I attempt to launch an all out Muffin War over YouTube! We consist of DragonFable Fanatics, and try to use Any/All of Artix's Puns whenevah we can.)

Okay, it has been far too long, so WATCH A YOUTUBE VIDEO!
Have you evah wondered what the First Take of White and Nerdy (By Weird Al) looked like? Well, your problems are solved with this video!

Now, the next post MIGHT be about Pokemon, or a New DF Guide, or another one of my Randomness Rants/Stories. I can not promise anything (Last time I tried, the Evil Ninja-Smurfs almost stole my collection of Blueberry Muffins!)

That is all for now, see you later!
~BZS, Alchementalist, Lormaster, New (and Learning) Blogger

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