Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Well, I am back! The reason why I was gone was because I had a Near-Death Experience. You will think I am making this up, but I got Ran Over by a Snow Tube going down a hill (while I was getting out of the way, I didnt know someone was coming down, and they made sure they thought I was a safe distance away before they sled, so I thought I was safe.) And I landed on my back and it hurt like hell. I thought that I was going to die because I couldnt breath for a long moment, and after that breathing was hard. After 1 minute I could breath normally, but my back still hurts. Im still recovering, but here is Part 1 of the Dragon Fable Guide:

Levels 1-5 (I said 1-10 last time, but I will do 6-15 next time)
First, create a character that you like. (if you have a DA, then go to the shop with a black dragon symbol on it and get some weaponary for later)
then talk to Ash Dragonblade (left of the Inn) and go to Oaklore, Beginning, and go through the Prolouge. When you hit Oaklore Keep, go to the place with a candel on it and talk to Maya and press Set Home Town. Now you cant get out untill you beat the Serpant (it is the Easiest Boss in the game for your level - Trust me on this one) So, I suggest you do the Sneevil Quests from Sir Valance so you get good equipment and a few levels. Once you reach Level 3, go to the right of Sir Valance to the catapult (near the Healing Area #1) to go to Sir Jings weapon quest (you get a weapon to beat the Serpent with) and occasionally go to the Vurrman Quest from Sir Prize to get Pouches of sand (that sell for 8 gold - The best farming quest for your level) and explore Oaklore. Once you reach Level 5, go try out the serpent. Now, you have just completed Oaklore and levels 1-5. I know that the first part isnt very good, but thats because it is easy to level up in Oaklore for your level. Trust me, from now on, it will be better.

Now I am off waiting for the Manaphy code for Pokemon Ranger that comes in exactly...3 Days, 2 Hours, 58 Minutes aaand, 10 seconds from when I wrote this. (the seconds keep ticking as I still write this, so it may not be accurate.

I am a big Pokefan having owning every single english pokemon game ever made. (Even the fake ones Diamond and Jade) and collect anything Pokemon. So expect pokemon news alot more often when Diamond and Pearl come out for DS.

This is Brenton, signing off. (And just spent 1 whole day catching the Regi's with 247 Ultra Balls, and succeded)

~Brenton Zera Storm, Alchementalist, Loremaster, Blogger

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