Sunday, January 7, 2007

2007, First Post Of

Well, to start off a New Year of DF (and stuff) blogging, im going to put up the Prolouge of The DoomStorm Chronicles (I made this long ago, my editing skills have imporven by then, im planning to revise the Prolouge-Chapter 3 when I am finished with it.

[link=]Prolouge Part 1[/link]
[link=]Prolouge Part 2[/link]
[link=]Prolouge Part 3[/link]
[link=]Prolouge Part 4[/link]
[link=]Prolouge Part 5[/link]
[link=]Prolouge Part 6[/link]

If those links dont work, then just copy and paste the links into your browser.

The next post will have a guide for Levels 1-10 in DragonFable.

Untill next time!

~Brenton Zera Storm, Alchementalist, Loremaster

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