Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Chinese Tall Story Review #2

Well, I have delayed this enough, it is time for an actual review (but I wont say how Wicked Freakin' Awesome it is untill the end of it)

It First starts out when Tripitaka (I dont know if I got his name right) and his Three Disciples (Monkey, Piggy, and if you read the book 'Monkey' by Ch'Eng-En Wu, you would know the Third Disciple is Sandy) in the end of their Journey to get the Scrolls/Sutras from Buddha and become Immortals. But before they stay One night in the town that they are in, they are ambushed by some Evil guy that commands an Army of Bug Demons. Wukong (The Monkey King) then fights a large portion of his Army, then sending Tripitaka away somewhere with Wukongs Sea-Needle that Calms Waves (aka Monkeys Golden Staff) Tripitaka lands in an Imp Village where he is guarded by Meiyen (I cant remember all these names perfectly, so if I get them wrong, bear with me) and is released by her also. They travel to find Wukong, leading them to The Southern Gate of Heaven, another Imp Village (where Tripitaka dresses like Spiderman to learn Fake Web Magic as a trick of the other Imps), a town that is under attack by the Bug Demons (and Tripitaka is aided by an Advanced Humanoid Race from Outer Space) and eventualy ending up in The Jade Palace (in Heaven) where Tripitaka Rejoins his disciples - At the cost of undergoing another 81 calamities (the book calls it Calamities, Tripitaka calls it events) to get the Scrolls/Sutras.

I think it is like a missing part to the book 'Monkey' by Ch'Eng-En Wu. It would also be great to make a movie of the events in the book 'Monkey' instead of a movie based on 'Monkey'. That would also be Wicked Freakin' Awesome.

I give the book 'Monkey' a 5/5 star rating, and the Movie a 5/5 star rating. (I think you know the reason. But if you dont, I will say it again: Because they are Wicked Freakin' Awesome.)

Now, if you know where to Buy/Rent/Watch at friends house, then I suggest you should watch it. How I found out about it was on the DragonFable Design Notes, and it is what got me hooked on Death Note and A Chinese Tall Story. If you see something that is reccomended in the DragonFable Design Notes, then it must be good. (It has been proven alot of times. The recent Reccomendation is the Deltora series)

So...random movies of the Moment are...

Okay...three in one day...from now on, if I have videos I want to share instead of making it the Video of the Moment, I will post them.

Thats all for now, see you next time with a DragonFable Guide for Levels 1-10.

~Brenton Zera Storm, Alchementalist, LoreMaster

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