Tuesday, December 19, 2006

DragonFable Overview #1

So, I will tell you abit about DragonFable (www.dragonfable.com) Once you make an Account and Verify your E-Mail, then you should create a Character (otherwise, how would you play the game?) Choose from one of the 3 classes (Warrior, Mage, Rogue with more classes you can get in-game) then customize it any way you want. After creating it (and exploring around, DONT DO QUESTS YET!) Go to Ash Dragonblade (the first human you see right next to the inn) Then choose Oaklore, then choose The Beginning, and the rest is up to you (But I will give the occasional hints and tips here) In DragonFable, you can Participate in Wars, Go on the most Random Quests Ever (Like, complete the 100-Room Dungeon to get a Pair of Wings to put on your character, or Beat the Dragon then Chop off its head for reasons unkown) battle in AI PvP (Just like PvP...Except that the Opponent is being controlled by the computer) and more coming soon! After you get used to doing stuff in DragonFable, for PvP go to the Aeris Battlespire, where you can participate in Tournaments and win Trophies, and turn in those trophies for Prizes (and the Duelist Class) If you buy the Dragon Amulet (A one time Purchase to play the game for a Lifetime - A good Deal. I reccomend the Six Pack) you can get exclusive stuff In-game for DA-Only people. You can also get DA-Only Weapons, Items, Classes, and stuff like that.

Here is a Movie About DragonFable (aka The First Movie of the Moment EVAH!):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5_z3N3liEA (it is the Pilot for the DragonFable mini shows that they are going to make)

Next time on DragonFable Overview: Some Tips, Hints, and a Guide for Levels 11+

~Brenton Zera Storm, Alchementalist, Lore Keeper

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