Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Chinese Tall Story Review #1.5 - With Extra DF (and plans for the future)

The first review had me say how Wicked Freakin' Awesome it is. But now for a clip of it to prove it:

DragonFable is undergoing a change that will make 2007 the best year ever to start playing - Or continue for those people that quit. Because Artix Entertainment will release new content to make the game better, and it will actually called a game instead of a New-born Final Fantasy Ripoff Mini-Game. We do not know what these changes are, but we have been getting sneak peaks in the DragonFable Design Notes at and they have been great. If anyone is playing DragonFable and is liking PvP, my ID is 207644 for my character, Brenton Zera Storm, Mage, Level 29. DragonFable is having an event right now called Frostvale, the DragonFable Christmas (like Mogloween is Halloween, and Snugglefest is Valentines Day) that is usually taken over by some evil guy and we have to stop him from taking over the world blah blah blah, but there is a twist: Unlike other games, you and the other players have a limited amount of days to beat his or her army, then beat him/kill him otherwise bad things will happen to the course of the game - So the players shape the game as they play it. Also, if you do win, you get Magical Items of Doom that you can only get from that event - And every year they change the Items so you never get the same thing twice, and you can brag to people that you have something that no one can get because they cant get it anymore because it is RARE! (rare means unobtainable unless you travel back in time) Im still making a Guide for Levels 1-5, then a Guide for Levels 6-10, then a Guide for 11+, then a Guide of Random Tibits. The guides will be updated whenever I can. The DoomStorm Chornicles comics will start Next Month (I have up to Chapter 8 made, so Im well prepared. One chapter a month will do, so I have time to make new chapters...when I get to a point where I can make chapters really fast, then I will put it in earlier then One a Month.) But this is not all a DF blog - I will also find random tibits on the internet for random things.

Well, thats all I have for now!

~Brenton Zera Storm, LoreMaster

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